‘We hear the tone at the top, the tune in the middle, and the beat of the feet at the bottom’ International experts in governance express better coordination throughout the whole process. Top-tier management must ensure the strategy which enables the entire process to work in one trajectory under better coordination. In the process of governance, there are multidimensional approaches that are conformable to the quality of governance. Integration is one of them which requires holistic engagement in the process of governance. This will enhance both the conformance and performances of governmental organizations. The successful governing system with its strong culture allows standalone and properly implemented organizations to be viable under integrated governance. Integrating governmental organizations is a useful strategy in terms of mitigating numerous state crises which led to many organizational failures and a strategic method to achieve sustainable development goals in the post-pandemic milieu. An ethical system around human values has greatly been damaged due to the lack of value of humanism and the downturn of socio-humanistic learnings. This has negatively impacted the governing system. There is a need for a mechanism that thoroughly promotes the responsibility and accountability in each governing body that retains talented stakeholders and motivates them for a great level of success. This will enable systematically and carefully planned sustainable development for the nation.

In this context 8th, Ruhuna University International Conference on Humanities and Social Sciences (RUICHSS) designed a platform for researchers in Humanities and Social Sciences worldwide to share their research outcomes on socio-scientific concerns in the post-pandemic milieu.


Sub Themes
Aesthetics and Folklore through Cultural Mobilization Emerging Trends in Language and Literary Studies
Exceeding the Vision of Society and Culture Exploring the Prehistory and Heritage Conservation
Framing the Quality of Education with Blended (Flipped) Learning Governing Strategies and Democracy for Sustainable Development
Moving to Mastery in Tourism and Hospitality Coupling National Economy in Business and Financial Intelligence
Population, Human Rights and Environmental Protection Prism of Possibilities in Religion, Spirituality, and Secularism
Post Covid-19 Recovery, Transformation, and sustainable development Sharing the Vision of Gender and Women Studies
Success through the Synergy of Health and Hygiene Technology, Innovations, and Next-generation Collaboration
Transforming the present through Psychology and Philosophy Social engineering for facilitating governance
Keynote Speaker
  Senior Assistant Prof. Gamini Premaratne
Universiti Brunei