The particular living pattern inherited by people known as culture has been evolving from hunting and gathering society to information technology era during the past thousands of years. This social transformation was powered either by the economic based progress or technological enhancements with which the societies exposed depending on their socio-environmental backgrounds. This pathway begins with the initial traditional society in which people managed to live in very close contact with the environment in a sustainable manner based on their indigenous knowledge. However, with the dawn of the industrial revolution and later with the transformation of modern societies based on urban living had accelerated the social change unprecedently. Later, at the time of entering to the information technology era the world has already exploited the natural environment to the maximum level for its own socio-economic upliftment. This historical process of bringing the culture of traditional societies into modernity in a rapid social transformation has resulted the growth of various geo-political and economic issues globally. Hence this international conference will provide a platform to academics, practitioners and researchers to share their views on the outcomes of this social transformation in order to reach valuable recommendations to meet the future challenges of the world. Accordingly this conference is inviting to present research findings on following sub themes on par with the objectives of the conference.


Sub Themes
Archaeology, History and Heritage Globalization and Social Challenges
Conflict Resolution and Reconciliation Language and Literature
Counseling,Psychology and Social Harmony Religion, Philosophy and Spirituality
Democracy, Governance and Public Policy Society, Culture and Education
Gender and Women Study Tourism and Hospitality
Keynote Speakers
  Professor Sasanka Perera
Professor of Sociology
Department of Sociology
Faculty of Social Sciences South Asian University
New Delhi
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