Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences

University of Ruhuna

Student Counselling Service

The university counselling service helps students to cope up with the problems that affect their studies as well as personal life. The students have the opportunity to discuss their various socio-economic and mental problems or any other matters with the counsellors.Academic staff members who have been appointed as student counsellors offer their assistance, advice and guidance to students. Students can contact any student counsellor using the provided contact information.

Senior Student Counsellor

Chandana, E.P.S. (Prof.)
Department of Zoology, Faculty of Science
+94 775909665

Deputy Senior Student Counsellor

Fernando, S.L.J. (Dr.)
PhD (USM), RS & GIS (IIRS, India), MPhil, BA (Ruhuna)
Senior Lecturer
+94 719178190

Student Counsellors

Akurugoda, I.R. (Dr.)
Post-Doc (Waikato), PhD (Waikato), MA (JNU), BA (Colombo)
Senior Lecturer
+ 94 718999060

Dissanayake, N. (Ms.)
BA (Kelaniya)
Lecturer (Probationary)
+94 775848662

Jayasekara, A.J. (Mrs.)
BA (Ruhuna)
Lecturer (Probationary)

+94 777063530

Karunarathna, L.S. (Mrs.)
MPhil (Peradeniya), MA (SIU), Dip. in Writership and Mass Communication (J’pura), BA(Peradeniya)
+94 712416433


Karunarathne, M.S.M.L. (Mr.)
MSSc (Kelaniya), MSc (Agder), BA (Ruhuna)
mlankanath@gmail.com, msmanjula@geo.ruh.ac.lk
+94 718345238

Kumara, H.I.G.C. (Dr.)
PhD (Waikato), MSc (Agder), MPhil (Peradeniya), BA (Peradeniya)
Senior Lecturer
+94 714469539

Lanka, N. E. H.(Mrs.)
MA (Kelaniya), BA (Peradeniya)
Lecturer (Probationary) 
+94 715243391


Priyanka, A.A.R. (Dr.)
PhD (J’pura), MA (Kalaniya), BA (J’pura), Royal Pandith
Senior Lecturer
+ 94 713057031

Ven. Taldena Ariyawimala
MPhil (Ruhuna), MA, BA (Kelaniya)
Senior Lecturer
+94 718036899

Udayanga, K.A.S. (Mr.)
BA (Peradeniya), BIT (Colombo)
Lecturer (Probationary)
+ 94 716376070

Walakuluge, S.K. (Mr.)
BA (Peradeniya)
Lecturer (Probationary)
+94 716362036

Wijesundara, P.M.T.C. (Dr.)
DL (Wuhan),MA (JNU), BA (Ruhuna), Dip. in Personality Development (INDEPT, Sri Lanka)
Senior Lecturer
+ 94 717309218

Yapa, L.G.D.S. (Ms.)
MA (Peradeniya), BA (Sabaragamuwa)
Lecturer (Probationary)
+94 714987687


Psychological Counselling Center

This center is currently located at the Medical Centre of the University, mainly to provide the service of a professional psychological counselor to students who find difficulties in continuing their education due to various psycho-social issues. The objectives of the psychological counseling center are:

  1. To provide students a confidential environment to meet a counselor and to express and receive immediate guidance for their psycho-social issues.

  2. To identify the psycho-social issues confronted by students and to provide necessary guidance for their behavior modifications.

  3. To direct students whenever necessary for psychiatric consultation and treatments.

Psychological counselling center was established initially at the Department of Sociology in March 2008 under the IRQUE project to assist students. However, to meet the increasing demand for this service from each faculty of the university, this center was re-established at the university medical center. Students can obtain psychological counseling service from 1.00 p.m. to 4.00 p.m. in every week on Tuesdays and Thursdays. This service is delivered in a confidential room to protect the privacy of affected students and to conduct counseling sessions without any disturbances. Presently, the psychological counselling center is administering by the Students Affairs Branch of the University.