Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences

University of Ruhuna


The University of Ruhuna and especially its Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences is a platform for undergraduate and postgraduate researchers. The final year undergraduate students of the special degree programme conduct individual researches and write a dissertation as a partial fulfillment of their degree.
Many departments offer research-based post-graduate degrees such as MA, MPhil and PhD. Moreover, the Research and Development allowance provided by the University Grants Commission to academics each year encourages the research expertise, academic capacities and abilities of the staff.
The Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences conduct two conferences each year; Ruhuna Arts Students’ Annual Sessions (RASAS) for undergraduate researchers, and an international conference to encourage research among academics.
At the present, the University of Ruhuna academics handle several outside research projects and contribute in Sri Lanka’s public policy processes. It is important to find ways to connect such university research with the policy makers, external research partners and funders.