Buddhist discipline (vinaya) and jurisprudence one of the most attracted subject areas in modern world. Among fields of comparative study a new trend is flourishing to examine the influence and utility of Buddhist Vinaya on state law, international humanitarian law, human rights and moral philosophy as well as religious ethics. This International Conference on Buddhist vinaya and jurisprudence organized by the Department of Pali and Buddhist Studies, University of Ruhuna expects to cover said aspects with deep academic outlook. Law is essential for the secure of justice and fairness as well as moral values in a society. The rule of law protects the principles of good governance and promotes political, economic and social order and development in a country. Certain Buddhist codes of discipline are associated with contemporary Indian State Law, moreover respect and obedience to State Law are compulsory to all monks and Buddhist disciples. Disciplinary teachings are sometimes difficult to put into practice in today's society, but it seems that disciplinary teachings help to protect a person's spiritual life. In the modern world, Buddhist disciplines and moral teaching are discussed in connection with various laws relating to state and international law as well as human rights. Accordingly, this research forum will be able to present new observations, evaluations, balances and practices of Buddhist discipline and jurisprudence across the various fields of national and international level.

Conference Sub-themes

Law, Jurisprudence & Punishment නීතිය, අධිකරණය හා දඩුවම
Rule of Law, State Policies & Righteous Governance නීතියේ ආධිපත්‍යය, රාජ්‍ය ප්‍රතිපත්ති සහ ධාර්මික පාලනය
Rightness & Buddhist Moral Philosophy ධර්මිෂ්ටබව සහ බෞද්ධ සදාචාර දර්ශනය
Buddhist Codes of Discipline & Liberation බෞද්ධ විනය ශික්ෂා හා විමුක්තිය
Buddhist Monastic Organization බෞද්ධ ආරාම සංවිධානය
Keynote Speaker

Prof. Asanga Tilakaratne
PhD (University of Hawai), MA (University of Hawai), BA (Peradeniya)
Emeritus Professor
Department of Buddhist Studies,
University of Colombo