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Department of Sociology

The Department of Sociology, which was established in the year 1993, offers Sociology as its main discipline. The department offers courses related to psychology, anthropology, cultural studies, criminology and conflict studies. The undergraduate study programme of the department is specially designed to enhance the students’ knowledge of contemporary society and its dynamics.

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News & Events
Workshop on “Academic Writing and Social Research”
(20 March, 2020)
Understanding the timely need among university students Sociological Organization organized a workshop on “academic writing and social research” held on 19th December 2019.
Participatory Development Programme organized by the Sociological Association
(20 March, 2020)
It is believed that working together with community would facilitate university students to employ their theoretical understandings to improve social well-being among people.
Guest Lecture on “Freedom of education and Crisis on contemporary education”
(20 March, 2020)
A guest lecture was organized by the sociological association on “Freedom of education and Crisis on contemporary education” on 13th February 2020.
Guest lecture on “Philosophical Foundation of Epistemology” organized by the sociological association
(20 March, 2020)
A guest lecture on “philosophical foundation of epistemology” was organized by the sociological association.

Participatory action research project in Ridiyagama State house of Detention
(20 March, 2020)
Final year students of the department of sociology panned a project to empower inmates in the state detention house at Ridiyagama.

Workshop for undergraduates on “Job Prospectus and Scholarship opportunities”
(20 March, 2020)
Mr. Nimantha Gayashan, a third year student in the department of Sociology has organized a workshop particularly for undergraduates.

The Department of Sociology in collaboration with its project on Strengthening Research, Education and Advocacy in Conflict, Peace and Development Studies organized Professor R.M Ranaweera Banda Memorial lecture for the fifth consecutive year to commemorate the late Professor R.M. Ranaweera Banda.

This year’s lecture was conducted by Professor Danture Wickramasinghe, Chair Professor in Management Accounting, Adams Smith Business School, University of Glasgow, UK, under the topic, “Epistemological Rationale of Qualitative Methodology in Social Science Research”.
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Head's Message

Sociology provides insights of the social and human development, realising social issues and problems, and making certain recommendations to solve such problems. In the contemporary, highly globalised society, the Department of Sociology plays a vital role to create intelligent and skilled graduates.

The Department of Sociology publishes “Prathimana” a refereed journal in order to disseminate the knowledge to a wider audience. The students’ society of the department publishes “Vimarsha” an annual journal that encourages students to publish their researches. With the collaboration of academic institutions in Nepal, Pakistan and Norway, the department conducts an international programme that includes research, education and advocacy in conflict, peace and development studies.

We expect to excel its academic performance and serve the society providing productive human capital in line with the University of Ruhuna’s vision, to be the prime intellectual thrust of the nation.

Course Units

Special General
1000 Level
1st Semester
SOC 11513 Principles of Sociology SOC 11513 Principles of Sociology
SUP 11523 Humanities and Social Sciences Research Methods SUP 11523 Humanities and Social Sciences Research Methods
1000 Level
2nd Semester
SOC 12513 Principles of Psychology SOC 12513 Principles of Psychology
2000 Level
1st Semester
SOC 21613 Basic Sociological Theory SOC 21513 Basic Sociological Theory
SOC 21623 Community Development SOC 21523 Criminology
SOC 21633 Health, Illness and Society SOC 21533 Culture and Development
SOC 21643 Sociology of Gender
SOC 21653 Social Change and Contemporary
SOC 21663 Indigenous Knowledge and Sri Lankan Society
SOC 21673 Criminology
2000 Level
2nd Semester
SOC 22613 Contemporary Social Institutions SOC 22513 Contemporary Social Institutions
SOC 22623 Social Statistics SUP 22543 Social Harmony
SOC 22633 Race, Ethnicity and Politics SUP 22553 Active Citizens
SOC 22643 Food and Health Sociology
SOC 22653 Sri Lankan Anthropology
SUP 22643 Social Harmony
SUP 22653 Active Citizens
3000 Level
1st Semester
SOC 31613 Political Sociology SOC 31513 Research Methods
SOC 31623 Social Conflict and Conflict Transformation SOC 31523 Sociology of Development
SOC 31633 Research Methods SOC 31533 Social Inequality and Social Stratification
SOC 31643 Sociology of Migration
SOC 31653 Sociology of Literature
SOC 31663 Sociology of Development
3000 Level
2nd Semester
SOC32613 Rural Sociology SOC 32513 Social Psychology
SOC 32623 Social Aspect of Child Labour
SOC 32633 Social Psychology
SOC 32643 Social Inequality and Social Stratification
SOC 32653 Social Issues
SOC 32663 Environmental Sociology
4000 Level
1st Semester
SOC 41613 Advance Sociological Theory
SOC 41623 Sociology of Religion
SOC 41633 Research Design
SOC 41643 Woman and Society
SOC 41653 Post-conflict Peace Building and Reconciliation
SOC 41663 Education and Society
SOC 41673 Internship Training
4000 Level
2nd Semester
SOC 42613 Organizational Management
SOC 42623 Project Planning and Organizing Workshops
SOC 42633 Independent Dissertation
SOC 42643 Sociology of Tourism
SOC 42663 Sociology of Marriage and Sexuality