Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences

University of Ruhuna

Chithrananda, D.C. (Mr.)

Senior Lecturer

Department of History & Archaeology
Faculty of Humanities & Social Sciences
University of Ruhuna
Matara 81000
Sri Lanka

Phone: +94 718152664

Email: chithranandac@yahoo.com


D.C. Chithrananda received the BA Special degree in Archaeology with first class from University of Sri Jayawardenapura in 1999 and M.sc (ACOMAS) Degree from University of Moratuwa, Sri Lanka in 2011. He was completed the Post Graduate Diploma in Architectural Conservation of Monuments and sites from Department of Architecture, University of Moratuwa in 2004 and Post Graduate Diploma in Conservation of Monuments and Heritage Management (Participatory Certificate) from (PGIAR) University of Kelaniya in 2000. Between 2000 and 2001, Chithrananda served as a temporary assistant lecturer at theDepartment of Archaeology in the Universy of Kelaniya, and visiting lecturer at the Youn Sarsaviy aNational Youth Council in Anupadapura. His main research directions include Archaeological Conservation and Heritage management, currently he is working as a Senior Lecturer in Archeology at the Department of History and Archaeology, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, at the University of Ruhuna.


  • M.sc (ACOMAS) Degree (Moratuwa)
  • PGDip in (ACOMAS) Moratuwa
  • BA (J’pura)

Memberships and Affiliations:

  • Member, Council of Archaeologists in Sri Lanka.

Specialized fields and teaching areas:

Archaeological Conservation,Field Archaeology,Heritage Management, Paleography and Epigraphy, Ancient Technology and Intangible Heritage

Research Areas:

  • Monuments and Artifacts Conservation
  • Intangible HeritageConservation
  • Ancients Irrigation conservation and maintenance
  • EpigraphyHeritage


Major publication
  • Chithrananda, Chandrasiri (2001). Irigation Technology in Ancient Rajarata. (in Sinhala) Kelaniya,Sarasavi Printers.
  • Chithrananda, Chandrasiri (2001). Conservation of Ancient Architectural Monuments. (in Sinhala) Kelaniya,Sarasavi Printers.
  • Chithrananda, Chandrasiri (2004). Origin of Sinhala Alphebet.(in Sinhala) Matara, Art House.
  • Chithrananda, Chandrasiri. Bndaranayaka,Amila. (2017).Conservation ofAncient Paper andManuscripts.(in Sinhala) Galle,Kumudi Publication.

Journal publications

  • Chithrananda Chandrasiri.2018. Donations for the existence of the Sanga society,MedhaviVolume 2- Issue II ,Dept. of Pali and Buddhist Studies,University of Ruhuna. pp.
  • Gamage, Upeksha, Chithrananda Chandrasiri, Thushari Sandya Thilakarathna. 2018. The Truth about Sale of Antique Items in Sri Lanka: An Inquisitor Study of the Antiques Market in the Galle Fort. International Journal of Archaeology. Vol. 6, No.1, (1-8).
  • Chithrananda Chandrasiri.2016. Procedures to be followed in the reporting of sediment deposits in archaeological excavation. (In Sinhala). Avalokana. Vol. 02.Department of History and Archaeology, University of Ruhuna. pp.
  • Chithrananda Chandrasiri.2015. Factors affecting the destruction of brick monuments in Sri Lanka. (In Sinhala). Avalokana. Vol. 01. Department of History and Archaeology, University of Ruhuna. 340-351pp.
  • Chithrananda, Chandrasiri.2014. The Effect of Humidity Factor that Accelerated the Deterioration of Brick Made Monuments Located in Ancient Polonnaruwa, Journal of Social Sciences, Vol. 1, University of Ruhuna. 91-103pp.
  • Chithrananda Chandrasiri.2014. History and technology of the traditional brick industry in Sri Lanka. (In Sinhala). The Felicitation Volume of KanumuldeniyeChandawimalaMahaThero, Galle: Ruhuna Study Circle,pp

Conference publication

  • 2012. Donations for the maintenance of the SambuddhaSasana from the inscriptions of the Anuradhapura period. Paper presented at the First National Conference 2012’ held at the Buddhist and PaliUniversity of Homagama.
  • 2013. Tradition of protecting the heritage of the Mahavamsa. Paper presented at the National Conference 2013’ held at the Royal Asiatic Society of Sri Lanka.
  • 2013. A Study of the Antique Goods Market in Galle Fort Sri Lanka. Paper presented at the2018 March 15th Academic Sciences, university of Ruhuna.