Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences

University of Ruhuna

Edirisinghe, G. (Dr.)

Senior Lecturer

Department of Geography
Faculty of Humanities & Social Sciences
University of Ruhuna
Matara 81000
Sri Lanka

Phone: +94 718314322

Email: olta.ruh@gmail.com / edi@geo.ruh.ac.lk



  • Ph. D: Medical Geography (University of Ruhuna, Matara)
  • MSc. GIS and Remote Sensing (Sri Jayewardenepura)
  • Research field: Medical Geography, Development Geography, Cartography
  • Master Degree: M.A in Geography, University of Ruhuna, Matara
  • First Degree: B.A Geography (Honest) Class: Second Class Upper Division (University of Ruhuna, Matara)

Membership and Affiliations:

  • Member of the committee of the CARL DUSBERG ALUMINI Association of Sri Lanka, Germany

Specialized fields and teaching areas:

  • Medical Geography
  • Cartography
  • Development Geography
  • Transport Geography

Research Areas:

Parasite disease and Health issues


Major publications

  • Aerial Photo Interpretation, Dengue Epidemic in Sri Lanka

Journal publications (National)

  • G. Edirisinghe, (2010),“Geographical Analysis of the Malaria trends in Sri Lanka”, Journal of Sri Lanka Association of Geography, University of Ruhuna, Matara. pp 51-60, ISSN2012-8602

  • G. Edirisinghe, (2013), “Temporal and spatial pattern of salient parasite disease in the Hambanthota district”, Journal of Sri Lanka Association of Wishwaya, Department of Geography, University of Ruhuna, Matara. pp 47-60, ISSN2012-8602

  • G. Edirisinghe (2014), “The Socio-Economic Factors Related to Malaria Epidemic in the Anuradhapura District”, The Ruhuna University journal of Social Sciences, Department of Economics, University of Ruhuna, Matara. Pp 195-218, ISSN 2279-3941

  • G. Edirisinghe, M.M.A. Razzaq (2016), “j,júfYaI n, m%foaYfhabvïmßyrKhyd ta wdY%s; .eg¿Journal of the Society of Geographical and Environmental Science, Department of Geography, University of Ruhuna, Matara, Pp 101-116, ISBN 2513-2768

  • G. Edirisinghe, (2009), “The effects of rainfall and temperature factors environmental on temporal and spatial distribution of Malaria in the Anuradhapura District”, Proceedings of the Sixth Academic Sessions, University of Ruhuna, Matara.

  • G. Edirisinghe, (2019)”Rainfall Variability from 1958 to 2010 in Hambantota District In Sri Lanka” The Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences,

  • G. Edirisinghe, (2018) “Research on Ragging and Sexual Gender Based Violence (SGBV) at University of Ruhuna. UGC report 2018

  • G. Edirisinghe, (2019) Socio-economic and health Issues of Elderly people inElder Homes in Sri Lanka (case study in Kamburupitiya, Matara District).
Journal publications (International)

  • G. Edirisinghe (2005) “Observation on the impact on the environment in the Matara district”, After the Tsunami, Relief and Rehabilitation in Sri Lanka.

  • G. Edirisinghe, (2017), “Socio-economic and environmental determinants of filariasis in Matara district of Sri Lanka”, American Scientific Research Journal for Engineering, Technology, and Sciences (ASRJETS), Global Society of Scientific Research and Researchers, pp 105-117, ISSN (Print) 2313-4410, ISBN (Online) 2313-4402

  • G. Edirisinghe, (2017), “Contribution of Rainfall Patterns for Increased Dengue Epidemic in Sri Lanka”. American Scientific Research Journal for Engineering, Technology, and Sciences (ASRJETS), Global Society of Scientific Research and Researchers, pp 284-294, ISSN (Print) 2313-4410, ISBN (Online) 2313-4402 www.wjert.org

  • G. Edirisinghe, (2017), “Reviewing in the Dengue Epidemic in the Galle District from A Medical Geographical Perspective”,World Journal of Engineering Research and Technology (WJERT) Wjert, 2017 Vol.3, Issue 6 ISSN 2454-695X 357-371

  • G. Edirisinghe, (2017), “An investigation into spatial vulnerable factors for dengue epidemics using GIS in the Matara District in Sri Lanka”. International Research Journal of Medical Sciences, pp 01-08, Vol.5 (6)-8 September 2017 Available on line www.isca.in ISSN 2320-735

  • G.Edirisinghe (2017) Emerging Factors Dengue Epidemic in Matara District in Sri Lanka. WJERT, 2018 VOL 4 Isssue1, 102-117 www.wjert.org, ISSN 2454-695x

  • G.Edirisinghe (2005) Observation on the impact of the Tsunami on the Environment in the Matara District, Mosic Books New Delhi India

  • G. Edirisinghe, (2018)An Analysis of Socio-Economic Environmental Health Issues In TheHambantota District Of Sri Lanka, WJERT, 2018 2018, Vol. 4, Issue 4, 125-132.

Published Books

  • Dengue Wasangathaya Sri Lanka 2015 Sithmini Published

  • GuwanChayarupa 2015 Sithmini Published

  • PrawahanayasahaSanchalanaya 2017 Neat Graphic

  • Mahaluniawasa and Elder Homes Neat Graphic

  • Janawasakranaya,(2017) publishedNeat Graphic

  • Land use and Rainfall variability

Conference publications

  • RUHSS, Asia Pacific Conference New Zealand and Australia, 17-26 June 2017

  • 01/10/1996- 31/03/1997 DAAD Scholarship Gutenberg, University Mainz, Germany
  • 01/07/1998-01/08/ 1998 Research activities, Germany
  • 08/08/2004/24/08 2004, IGU Conference. Present the Paper, Ludwig University Munchen, Germany
  • 10/07/2005-09/10/2006 for Ph. D. Research Gutenberg University, Germany
  • 01/07/2007-31/9/2007 for Ph. D. Research Gutenberg University in Germany

  • 20/05/2008-19/08-19/08/2008 Research Guttenberg inUniversity Germany
  • 17/02/2015 -22/02/2015 Conference, Thailand
  • 16/06/2017-20/06/2017 Research Conference APCAR (2017) Melbourne, Australia.
  • 27/10/2019-02/11/2019 Research Conference, The second postgraduate International Conference on Humanities ICH 2019, University Sains, Malaysia

Invited keynote talks and seminar presentations

  • Presented International Conference, Asia Pacific Conference