Vice Chancellor's Message

First of all on behalf of University of Ruhuna I extend my warmest congratulations and sincere thanks to the Editor-in-Chief and the editorial board on the issue of the first volume of the e-journal of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences “Social Science and Humanities Review”. I firmly believe this journal will develop and be established as a significant source of information about humanities and social sciences research in the country as well as Asia. I suppose that the research papers in this journal will reflect the breadth of the research being conducted by our academics in the fields of humanities and social sciences. As the Vice Chancellor, I am proud that our academics have continuously worked toward raising the bar in terms of quality and depth of research done and broadening the scope of the research work to ensure maximum impact across various subject areas. We have much to be proud of a record of research in a number of areas that have impacted positively on the development of the country, our graduates have gone on to serve at the highest levels within and outside the country and University of Ruhuna has grown in terms of student enrolment, staff complement and visibility among the universities in the country as well as in Asia. There is much more to be done, but I do believe that we have now established a strong base from which we can continue to develop. As University of Ruhuna looks at its future, particularly in times of limited financing and increased competition, this e-journal must serve as an important opportunity to commit ourselves to the publication of an even more robust journal. My warmest congratulations again!

Professor Gamini Senanayake

Vice Chancellor,

University of Ruhuna