Review Process

The Editor checks the manuscript for proper format and compliance with submission instructions and acknowledges receipt and assigns a manuscript number.

The manuscript is then forwarded to the specialized Editors who select 3 or more qualified reviewers. The manuscript is forwarded by email to each reviewer who is asked to confirm his or her willingness to perform the review in a timely manner (within one month if possible). The Associate Editor is given the names (and e-mail addresses) of the reviewers and tracks the review to make sure that it moves ahead as quickly as possible. It is the policy of the journal to inform the authors whether his/her article is accepted for publication. If recommended by reviewers, the article is returned to the author with reviewers comments to make necessary corrections.

Reviewers should check overall quality, scientific merit, presentation, quality of English, spelling and grammar. Return the manuscript to the Journal Editor with one of the following


publish with minor improvements (give details)

publish with major revisions (give details)


The Editor will consider the recommendations of the reviewers, will consult with the Editor-in-Chief and will forward the comments anonymously to the author along with a consensus recommendation. The author(s) will make appropriate revisions and resubmit the manuscript to the editor.
When the Editor is satisfied that the manuscript meets the Journal quality standards, a recommendation to publish the manuscript will be made to the Editor-in-Chief.

Following approval of the Editor-in-Chief, the manuscript will be published in the e-Journal. Footer will be added to each page of the manuscript stating the volume number and the official name of the e-journal. A printed copy of the journal will be given to the author provided that he pays the cost of printing. The Editor-in-Chief will inform the authors of the publication after hosting of the journal into the web. Periodically (probably annually) all published technical manuscripts and invited overview papers will be put on a CD and sent to several key libraries around the world for permanent archiving.