Editorial policy

The Journal of Social Sciences and Humanities Review is dedicated to publish original and important articles in the field of Social Sciences and Humanities subjects which enhance the knowledge on and in of social, cultural and political process in contemporary societies.

The journal policy is to dedicate scholarly pursuit of knowledge which is beneficial to the well being of human communities in the globe. Both senior and junior academics are given equal preference in deciding the content of the each issue of the journal. However, the journal encourages young and promising academics to submit their studies in the form of research articles, field notes and commentaries on issues of contemporary relevance on the belief that they are the one who research new frontiers of knowledge. The journal also includes news items, book reviews, reports of meetings and professional announcements. Constructive critiques and discussions of published papers and letters, which are of relevance and of interest to the readership, are published at the discretion of the Editor in Chief.

The language of the journal is being English, the spelling and usage have to conforms to the Oxford English Dictionary; for consistency and simplicity in style.